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Salzstraße to Hochkrumbach.

Hiking trail

Salzstraße to Hochkrumbach.

From the village square Warth, the path leads you past Steffisalp-Express at Walserhus. Passing the Sporthotel Steffisalp on the right, a hiking trail leads to the plot Wolfegg. Now continue along the path of the old salt road until you arrive in Hochkrumbach. Take the bus back.

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directions_run Typ:Hiking trail


arrow_right_alt Distance:3,4 km

access_time Duration:62 min

trending_up Elevation gain:150 hm

trending_down Elevation decrease:53 hm

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Salzstraße to Hochkrumbach.

GPS 47.25789600 / 10.18340200


Recommended equipment.

This should never be missing on the mountain.

Backpack, First-Aid Set incl. Bladder plaster, telephone with emergency number, cash, drinking bottle, pocket knife, provisions, sun protection in good weather.

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Village square Warth - Steffisalp-Express - Plot Wolfegg - Alte Salzstraße - Hochkrumbach

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All information about parking spaces can be found here.

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Public transport.

All information about the buses can be found here.

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Emergency numbers.

140 - Alpine emergencies throughout Austria

144 - Alpine emergencies in Vorarlberg

112 - Euro emergency call

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