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Culinary hiking in Warth-Schröcken.

Hiking Trail

Culinary hiking in Warth-Schröcken.

A hiking trail runs from Wolfegg to the Steffisalp Express. Relax again on the ascent with the Steffisalp-Express before you go. Now you have already left most of the altitude meters behind and can march at your own pace towards Wannenkopf. Here you can enjoy the view to Warth and take a deep breath before heading towards Bürstegg. Bürstegg, the formerly highest Walsersiedlung of Vorarlberg, is a particularly worthwhile hiking destination. Although the small Walsersiedlung greets from far away, it seems as if one had left behind not only an hour, but a whole century on a path full of prospects. Now the path runs upwards over the Karalpe to the Auenfeldsattel, backwards to the juicy Auenfeld meadows, where you will surely meet grazing cows. Past the Auenfeldalpe, a narrow path leads to the Lake Körbersee. You will be enchanted by the pleasant silence of the Körbersee. Passing the Körbersee, a beautiful path now leads you up towards the Salobersattel. From there the trail continues upwards to the Saloberkopf and finally down to the Hochalp Hütte. Back to Warth, the path leads downhill below the Lucherealpe back to the Wolfegg parcel.

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directions_run Typ:Hiking Trail


arrow_right_alt Distance:17,8 km

access_time Duration:510 min

trending_up Elevation gain:1037 hm

trending_down Elevation decrease:1035 hm

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Culinary hiking in Warth-Schröcken.

GPS 47.23885800 / 10.15845000



Culinary stations.

Wolfegg - Café - Bistro

Breakfast buffet

Berghotel Körbersee

Walser Käsfladen finely garnished with salad OR* “Sommerhit” Fischknusperli in beer batter on crappy lettuce with sauce tartar OR* “Sportlersalat” – grilled pudding strips on mixed salad

Ski- und Wanderhütte Hochalp

Homemade apple or pot strudel with vanilla sauce and cream OR ice cream variations from the farm ice cream made of Au with cream


There is a voucher for the menu, a bus ride and the driveway with the Steffisalp-Express. The vouchers are available here or at the tourist offices Warth and Schröcken.

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Recommended equipment.

This should never be missing on the mountain.

Backpack, First-Aid Set incl. Bladder plaster, telephone with emergency number, cash, drinking bottle, pocket knife, provisions, sun protection in good weather.

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Wolfegg, Warth - Steffisalp Express - Bürstegg - Auenfeldsattel - Berghotel Körbersee - Salobersattel - Wolfegg, Warth

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All information about parking spaces can be found here.

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Public transport.

All information about the buses can be found here.

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Emergency numbers.

140 - Alpine emergencies throughout Austria

144 - Alpine emergencies in Vorarlberg

112 - Euro emergency call

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